Where is trademark registry office located?

Where is trademark registry office located?

The Trademark Registry Office in India is responsible for the registration and administration of trademarks in the country. It operates under the purview of the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks, which falls under the Department Read More

trademark registration office

How long does it take to trademark a logo?

A trademark is a visual image utilized by an organization or business to separate itself from the rest. The image can be a name, a word, name, a gadget or numerals. An enlisted trademark is licensed innovation or immaterial resource Read More

Trademark registration office in coimbatore

Trademark Registration Office in Coimbatore

A trademark is an extraordinary personality created for a business organization. Although the sole occupation is similar, its features and improvement have reached imaginative levels. In this rapidly changing world, everybody needs to demonstrate their ability to achieve in business. Read More