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A trademark is a visual image utilized by an organization or business to separate itself from the rest. The image can be a name, a word, name, a gadget or numerals. An enlisted trademark is licensed innovation or immaterial resource for a business that ensures the business’ interest in the image or brand. Logo trademark registration won’t be conceivable if the trademark is nonexclusive, hostile, tricky, etc.

After the consummation of logo or trademark registration with the public authority, a TM number will be given to you and you can utilize TM with your logo or brand. Anyway you need to utilize TM word with your Logo or Trademark.

A Brand registration required a legitimate pursuit and due determination. An off-base application can be dismissed and you can free your image to your rivals, further if not proper research is done and you began utilizing an indistinguishable brand, you can confront prosecution and can be presented to heavy punishments and fine

Techniques of trademark registration

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The logo can be registered by trademark registration office in Chennai.

1. The candidate should complete a Trademark search to ensure that the logo to be reserved is special and unique, and doesn’t encroach on the plan of a current logo. It ought to likewise not be comparative enough in plan or shading to be confused with any current logo. In the event that a likeness is found, the logo should be revamped or upgraded.

2. Then, a trademark application is drafted by the lawyer, and the application is filed. When it is filed one can begin utilizing the trademark. This is done by the trademark registration office.

3. At long last, the registration process can take 8 to two years and expenses about particular amount in government expenses. The trademark office will support if the trademark is special and makes a promotion in the Trade Marks Journal for welcoming resistance from different organizations within 4 months. In case there are no objection, the Trademark is enlisted within a half year.


1. Objection: An issue with a trademark guarantee isn’t equivalent to a disavowal yet just a method for the recorder to look for additional data in regards to the reasons and register ability of the mark. It’s fairly a chance to clarify why a trademark ought to be conceded which is done as a trademark objection answer. Trademark registration office in Bangalore follows this step.

2. Clarification: The grounds on which the inspector can bring up criticisms and on which clarifications might be required are in case a tricky mark can create turmoil among purchasers or then again if an indistinguishable trademark as of now exists or then again if determinations of labor and products are bogus or on the other hand if the trademark is hostile or foul.

3. Filing of corrected application: A point by point depiction containing the reasons defending the trademark’s legitimacy ought to be filed within 30 days of the receipt of the objection bombing which the trademark will be deserted.

Receiving Certificate of logo registration

Following 10 to 15 months from documenting the TM logo application, given no objections emerges, the Trademark Office will give a logo Trademark registration endorsement to the candidate by the trademark registration office. This declaration consults the candidate with the selective rights to utilize the enrolled logo. They would now be able to utilize the ® image with their logo to demonstrate that it is a trademark enlisted logo.

Trademark Renewal

The logo trademark registration is substantial for quite some time. The candidate should refile for trademark recharging a half year before the lapsing time frame.

Benefits of logo registration

When the logo registration is done by trademark registration office in Hyderabad it has numerous advantages.

Meaning an image to business is helpful much since it draws consideration of likely buyer to a specific business. The logo enlistment is fundamental for assuming you need to make your business logo got.

Probability of encroachment is much in this aggressive commercial center where everybody needs to win over one another. Along these lines, barely any lawful advances are taken essentially. In the event that your exchange identifies with creation and you need to make your business a brand, fundamental is that logo registration ought to be finished.


Trademark is likewise an image of polished methodology and trust. You can undoubtedly procure trust of your clients with the demonstrable skill your logo shows. Designate an extremely inventive and proficient brand making craftsman for this reason.

By basically taking a gander at a logo, similar to it or not, the present clients will promptly make decisions, and will get an image of the item it sells. That is, the logo impacts their choice to purchase or not to purchase.

Assembles brand’s standing

A logo which has been registered by trademark registration office confirms the nature of products and emphasizes the altruism of the brand. Hence, it assists with acquiring the trust of the clients and increment their trustworthiness on a specific brand.

Makes Unique Product Identity

It becomes most extreme important to eclipse others when managing in a cutthroat line of business. One can without much of a stretch have a solid effect of its image through a one of a kind logo which passes on the vision and different qualities of his association. The greatest benefit of logo Registration is that it streamlines for imminent customers to find your image. Logo makes your items unique in relation to your adversaries and fills in as an effective special apparatus.

Ensures against encroachment

An owner of enrolled logo can accept a murmur of help as no other individual can use his image logo. In the event that, anybody abuses an enrolled Mark without the assent of its owner; then, at that point, the owner can document lawful activities under Trade Marks Act, 1999.


Trademark Registration gives a few benefits to a business; it makes a particular brand picture as well as gives a lawful right to organizations to battle against encroachment. The technique of Trademark Registration requires lawful ability.

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